Your Health Is Everything

Your health should be the most important thing to you throughout every stage of your life. Even if you are older, it is never to late to improve on your health.

We all have busy lives with many commitments that fill our days. This results in many of us using the excuse “I have no time, when it comes to doing the simple things that will help us stay healthy. After all, without your health, you really have nothing, Think about it; if you are sick, you may be unable to work and unable to do the things you enjoy which means your life is not very enjoyable. In reality, there shouldn’t be any excuses for anyone to not look after their health so here are some tips on how to maintain good health and how to make time to implement these things into your daily life.

First of all, lets talk about exercise. Studies have shown that a lack of physical activity can cause a wide range of adverse health affects. Just sitting for long periods of time can contribute to diabetes and heart disease. The best way to incorporate exercise into a busy lifestyle is by fitting it in during downtime. For example, in the morning while your breakfast is cooking or you are waiting for your drive, do some stretches to get your muscles and bones warmed up. While at work, make it a point to always take the stairs, take a short walk around the office every hour and walk around the block on your breaks. If possible, walk to work and back if it’s not too far from your home. Every little bit of exercise you can sneak in makes a difference.

Next, lets talk about diet. Forget about the fads because they don’t work. Drink lots of water, eat a balanced breakfast and incorporate fruit and veggies and protein into every meal. For example, add lemon to a glass of water and that is considered one serving of fruit. Add granola to plain yogurt and you get a healthier snack than the sugary flavored yogurts. Eat nuts for snacks and gradually stop putting sugar in your coffee. One of the most important things anyone can do for their diet is cut out sugar and for many people, soda pop is a huge source of sugar in their diet. Cut out Soda Pop and you will see a huge difference in your health within days.

Some other important tips to consider include:

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Use natural products for cleaning
  3. Meditate and do yoga to alleviate stress
  4. Spend more time outdoors
  5. Get a little bit of sun but not too much